A Message from our Founder and President, Ken Hyatt

Ken Hyatt and wife Debbie

Ken and Debbi Hyatt

I started Village Green Lawn and Landscape way back in 1980 – the year President Reagan was elected (and the year North Texas exceeded 100 degrees a total of 69 days!)  I didn’t have any grand plans when I started Village Green, I was in junior high and needed extra cash.  My parents gave me a little help and before I knew it I had a thriving lawn business that paid my way through a business degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.  One of the most important things college taught me was that I enjoy working for myself much more than working for someone else which is why I decided to make Village Green my career.  Apparently I made the right choice because over 30 years some of my original clients are still with Village Green (and in fact, some of their children are now grown and using Village Green for all their lawn and landscaping needs.)

The secret to Village Green’s success isn’t really a secret.  It’s a combination of hard work and loving what I do.  I’ve always been a low pressure type of person, and never want to ‘sell’ anything.  I see myself more as a lawn and landscape teacher, and if I’m doing my job, our customers feel comfortable with our solutions for their lawn and landscape and never feel like they’ve been ‘sold’ on anything.

While most people retire after thirty years, I don’t have any such plans in the near future.  I have a great team working with me and enjoy working with my family and customers so I’m not going anywhere – although I may have to reconsider when my original customers grandkids start calling me.

In the meantime I promise to keep doing things the way I’ve always done them, fairly and honestly with the best quality I know how.

Ken Hyatt
Founder & President of Village Green