Landscaping & Lawn Care in Plano
17 Dec 2012

Christmas Lights at our Home Church – Richardson’s Arapaho UMC

The Hyatt family spent several weekends at our home church of Arapaho United Methodist in Richardson installing mini-lights on trees, stake lighting around beds and red Xmas light crosses with rope lighting framing them.   Ken’s daughter, Shelby, got a nice silhouette of her Uncle Daryl.   The second photo is of the two of them working on the rope lighting (yes, Shelby is texting but she worked more than she texted.)  I’d say the finished product was worth the weekends.

24 Oct 2011

Accenting Your Entrance With Christmas Decorations

There are a lot of similarities between decorating a home for Christmas and designing a landscape. In both landscaping and Christmas decorating you should always keep in mind what your purpose is and usually that purpose is to draw the eye toward the front door. There are several ways to accent a front door with Christmas lights. This is a photo of Christmas lights we installed in Plano and we used garland around the arch to give a welcoming feel to guests arriving. Don’t have an arch or your arch is too tall? How about a lit wreath over entrance, light up shrubs on each side of the entrance or use stake lighting?

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