Dallas Watering in the Fall

How much should I water in the Fall?

From mid-September through November your lawn requires on average half of the water it did in the summer.

If you have the typical heads like this photo you can set your controller to water one day per week. Have your sprinklers run three times in the morning, 10 minutes each time.  Setting your controller for start times of 2am, 4am and 6am should allow enough time in between for the water to soak in.  If you have rotors (the type of sprinkler that sprays in a long thin stream and slowly turns) you will want to water twice that long or possibly longer.  These times are for areas with full sun.  In shady areas you can water about half or a quarter of the length of time suggested for sunny areas.

If you have a seasonal adjust spot on your controller you can leave the minutes and days alone and just set the seasonal adjust percentage to 50%.

Not sure what your city’s water restrictions are?  Here is a city by city list of links to their water restrictions.

If you need help setting your controller give us a call us or click here and we can probably walk you through the programming over the phone or (of course) we’ll be glad to stop by and set your controller for you.  We can also check to see if there are any leaks or clogged nozzles at that time.


Make the most out of your Dallas area twice per week watering schedule

As of June 1st the Water District will transition to Stage Two water restrictions which allows twice per week watering.  While the average size lawns and landscapes will do pretty well on weekly watering, larger ones would have suffered from not enough minutes in that one day.  Add into the mix that once per week watering can be tough (for some controllers impossible) to program and this makes the news great for our area.

So how do you program for twice per week?  During the summer months, if you have spray heads and the lawn is in full sun, you’ll want to water 60 minutes per week which means 30 minutes on each of your days.  You’ll need to create start times for 2am, 3am and 4am with run times of 10 minutes each.

Some exceptions to that schedule: Rotory  heads that spray in streams of water and slowly turn cover twice as much area so you’ll want to water roughly twice as long.  If you have St. Augustine you’ll want to water a few minutes more since its broader leaf looses more moisture.  In the shade you’ll usually water a little more than half of that schedule.

If you’re not sure how to set your controller you’re welcome to call our office and we can probably explain over the phone, if not the good news is we’re offering $25 off of our first hour of sprinkler repair so now is a good time to have your sprinklers checked.

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