Landscaping & Lawn Care in Plano
31 Mar 2011

Fairview Landscape Progress-March 30th

We’ve tilled in the compost in the back beds and we’ve dug a hole for the magnolia.  Notice we are filling back in with the same soil that came out of the hole.  That keeps the roots from becoming root bound into a different type of soil.

25 Mar 2011

Fairview Landscape Progress-March 25th

We have all the beds expanded.  Now we’re installing the steel edging and compost.  Notice how we rounded the sharp corner of the steel edging to avoid the dangerous sharp edge.

We’re bringing in lots and lots of compost.  We only get one shot at amending the soil so we have to do it right the first time.

24 Mar 2011

My landscape is looking tired, can you do a landscape quote?

After 30 years in this business I have become a huge believer in road maps for everything – especially landscapes.  Most of the landscapes I see probably started with a good idea and over time plants were added either because the replacement plant looked kind of like the other one that died or was on sale at Home Depot.  Eventually the landscape morphs into a hodgepodge of plants covering windows and entrances with various holes where plants have died.  All of that to say that yes, we do landscape quotes but I have a friend, David Daigle, who is a landscape architect sit down with you and me and create a road map (design) so that we all know what it will look like when we are done.  It may be a six month road map or a 10 year one, that’s up to you, but landscapes are not cheap and we both want you to be happy when we’re done and the design is the best way of ensuring that.  Generally David charges $350 to design a backyard and another $100 to add in the front.


Take a look at our landscape page and you’ll see portfolios of work we’ve done, examples of some designs and a link to David’s website showing more photos and designs.    Just to give you a feel, most landscapes start at about $3000 and go up from there depending on how much of the plan we implement.

23 Mar 2011

St. Augustine showing freeze damage

It’s official.  St. Augustine is struggling to recover from freeze damage the second year in a row.  St. Augustine is a tropical plant, which means it doesn’t like 106 degrees or 9 degrees and in the past few months we’ve had both.  What’s worse for our tropical St. Augustine is we spent over 100 hours below freezing.  Take a look at our lawn in Dallas and you’ll see it’s still pretty thin even though bermuda has is half way out of dormancy.  What should we do?  Usually not a lot.  If there is full sun and the watering is right combined with a good fertilization program it will come back.  It may take a few months longer though.

The second photo is St. Augustine in the same lawn but underneath a tree near a fence.  It is pretty much undamaged because it was protected from the frosts.

19 Mar 2011

Pre-Emergents Do Work

Have you ever wondered if what you’re doing in your lawn is actually doing something?  Check out this photo between the great work that Ramon our lawn fertilization technician does and the neighbor.  He’s done a great job of keeping the neighbor’s winter weeds out of our client’s lawn.

17 Mar 2011

Flagstone Patio – Another great job done

We’re done and Mrs. V. loves it!  Notice how the flagstone ties the patio in with the landscape we installed last year?  Nothing compliments a natural landscape than the natural look of flagstone.

How can you tell a great flagstone job from an ordinary one?  Look at the joints in between the stone.  Laying flagstone is like a jigsaw puzzle with no rules.  Our  joints are about an inch wide nearly all the others are 2″ or more.

Take a look at the face on the front porch.  We’ve textured the edge so it gives a softer finish.











16 Mar 2011

Progress on flagstone patio

It’s lunchtime and we’re making great progress.  Most of the stone has been trimmed and placed and we’re about half way through mortaring it in.






16 Mar 2011

Starting New Flagstone Patio Today

We’re dressing up an old concrete patio in Richardson today by doing a  flagstone overlay.  It’s really going to compliment her landscape and fountain that we installed last year.  Andres does great work.