Landscaping & Lawn Care in Plano
28 Oct 2011

Savanah Hollies Are Great Ornamental Trees


Looking for a tree to screen your fence? Savanah Hollies are a great choice. As an ornamental tree these top out at around 20′ tall. If planted with enough room to grow they need no trimming or shaping. They are drought tolerant and insect resistant. They even have red berries to provide color. Who says our plant choices are limited in he Dallas area?

26 Oct 2011

Mulch Provides The Finishing Touch on Our Plano Landscape installation


We’re adding three or four fine shredded bark mulch to our Plano landscape. Mulch provides insulation during both summer and winter, holds in moisture and cuts down on weeds. We use the fine shredded mulch because it breaks down and puts organic material back into the soil.

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25 Oct 2011

Plano Landscape Installation:Covering French Drains


Today we’re working in the backyard. These gravel filled ditches were built to capture the water from a natural spring. The idea was a good one but there were two flaws. First, they took the water and drained it through the curb and down the street. What happen when you have an endless supply of water draining into the street? You get 100′ or more of mold running down the middle of the street that never goes away. We fixed that by installing a pump and running the water into their sewer line.

The other problem is the client has had long stripes of gravel running across their lawn. We’re digging out the top layer of gravel, adding soil and installing sod over the top. Dr. H is delighted that her years of staring at gravel stripes will soon be over.

24 Oct 2011

What Are These Brown Patches in My St. Augustine Lawn?

St. Augustine is a tropical plant. It doesn’t like 9 degree weather and it doesn’t like 109 degree weather with no rain so when it goes through stressful times like we’ve had this year it gets even by being susceptible to a fungus like Brown Patch. We are seeing more brown patch than normal this year so if you’re taking care of your own lawn and you have St. Augustine it might not hurt to take a look to see if it’s in your lawn too. What should you do? We use a fungicide called PCNB that works both to prevent brown patch if applied early enough or to stop it from spreading.

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24 Oct 2011

Accenting Your Entrance With Christmas Decorations

There are a lot of similarities between decorating a home for Christmas and designing a landscape. In both landscaping and Christmas decorating you should always keep in mind what your purpose is and usually that purpose is to draw the eye toward the front door. There are several ways to accent a front door with Christmas lights. This is a photo of Christmas lights we installed in Plano and we used garland around the arch to give a welcoming feel to guests arriving. Don’t have an arch or your arch is too tall? How about a lit wreath over entrance, light up shrubs on each side of the entrance or use stake lighting?

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24 Oct 2011

Drainage Issue – Solved!

This is a pretty impressive video of how much water can come from a natural spring. We solved it by pumping the water from the reservoir shown in the video to the house sewer line. The pump runs about every 2 or 3 minutes. For years the home has had a constant stream of water running from the drain pipe cut into the curb down the street to point of there being a strip of slimy mold 100′ from the house. That’s all gone now.

[vimeo clip_id=”31035122″ title=”0″ byline=”0″ portrait=”0″ html5=”1″ width=”640″ height=”360″]

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23 Oct 2011

Dallas Area Stage 3 Restriction Sites

Here is a list of links to the current water restrictions in our area. I don’t think Dallas has mandatory water restrictions and I didn’t see any for Addiso, Garland or Rowlett on their city websites…

Allen Water Restrictions

Frisco Water Restrictions

Murphy Water Restrictions

Plano Water Restrictions

Richardson Water Restrictions

Sachse Water Restrictions

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21 Oct 2011

What Do Stage 3 Water Restrictions Mean To My Landscape?

Most of the cities in the Dallas area will be switching to their stage 3 water restrictions as of November 1st. In general that means an every two week schedule.

Since the watering you should be doing in the fall is roughly half of what you would do in the summer, the simplest method of programming your controller is to water the same number of minutes you did in the summer (60 minutes per week for spray heads, 120 for rotors) except you’ll do it every two weeks instead.

What does this mean for your lawn and landscape? As long as you don’t miss one of your days your landscape should be fine. Our recommended watering schedule should replace any water lost during the two weeks. One of the few question marks though is annual installation. Since we haven’t done this before, we don’t know how our pansies with their small root system will handle the extended time in between watering. This is also not the time to over-seed winter rye or fescue because you won’t be able to water enough for the seed to germinate. Everything else should be okay.

One last thing to whether or not you need a new controller. Many controllers won’t automatically run on an every two week schedule so you will either need to remember to run them manually or invest in a new controller. One of the best on the market is Weathermatic’s Smart Line controller. It can be programmed to follow nearly all water restrictions including Stage Three and, for an additional cost, can track the high and low of each day and calculate the minutes it needs to water. We’ve been installing this controller for years and have been very impressed.

Don’t forget we’re offering $25 of our first hour of sprinkler repair. If you would like help setting your controller, click here to request a sprinkler check.