Landscaping & Lawn Care in Plano
20 Aug 2012

Do I Need to Replace My St. Augustine if I Lost it to Drought

I frequently get asked for proposals to re-sod St. Augustine. Most of the time the St. Augustine has been lost to poor watering and most of the time I tell the homeowner not to spend thousands of dollars on sod because the can grow it for free on their own. The photo below was taken of a North Dallas lawn in late August. The lawn hadn’t been watered at all this year and two weeks ago the entire parkway looked dead. Last week we had three inches of rain and today two-thirds of the grass has come back. Between a newly installed sprinkler system and good fertilizing by this time next year the parkway will probably have filled in without a single piece of sod having been laid.


15 Aug 2012

My Lawn Looks Bad Because Of Water Restrictions


At least once per week this time of year I see a lawn that looks like this photo and when I ask why it looks so bad the answer is always “My city only lets us water two days per week”. Lawns don’t suffer from watering restrictions. They suffer from poor watering. It’s amazing to me how, when I set their controller for three 10 minute start times, two days a week, the lawn springs back to life.

11 Aug 2012

Flagstone on decomposed granite

Decomposed granite can be great base for flagstone.  It packs down well and is perfect if you’re going for a very informal, natural look.  An added benefit is if you’re near a tree the granite is more flexible, allowing the tree roots to grow without ruining the patio.

11 Aug 2012

Changing a Sprinkler Head in Plano

Daryl is repairing sprinkler heads at this Plano home. He has cut the sod out in a donut shape from around the head. He has installed the new Rain Bird sprinkler head level with the soil. His next steps will be packing soil around the head and setting the sod back in place. When he finishes he’ll turn on the zone to make sure the head works properly.


10 Aug 2012

Smart Controllers are Exempt From Water Restrictions in Many North Dallas Cities

Here’s some good news if you have a smart controller, otherwise known as an ET Controller, most north Dallas Cities are giving exemptions from their water restrictions.  You have to register with the city to notify them that you have one, but once that’s done, as long as your controller is watering a reasonable amount (translated set correctly) you are exempt.

Here is a list of cities we have found that offer the exemption…



Allen – No Exemption

07 Aug 2012

Why do Tree Services Leave the Grindings?

Why do tree services leave a mound of debris after they grind your stump?  I asked our tree service, Advanced Tree Care, that question and what they told me is this:  The mound of grindings will naturally heat up, just like a compost pile (which it essentially is) and that heat will help kill out the stump so it won’t grow back.  Eventually the mound will collapse and you can remove the left-overs but you want to leave it there for a while.