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30 Apr 2013

Summerwood Landscape eTour


Today’s eTour takes us to McKinney, Texas where Ken inspects the progress on one of Village Green’s landscape projects. Ken walks us through the front and back yards, explaining what the customer wanted and Village Green’s solutions.

29 Apr 2013

St. Augustine & Bermuda Lawns: One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All

4.14tipEven though it is easier, in the long run it is imperative that you not employ a one-size-fits-all approach to your lawn fertilization in the spring.  Bermuda and St. Augustine need the opposite treatment during this time of the year.  What is good for Bermuda, could hurt St. Augustine, and what is good for St. Augustine can be ineffective for Bermuda.  Why?  Keep on reading to learn more than you ever wanted to know about Bermuda and St. Augustine and what you should be doing to create a healthy and lush lawn.

Bermuda grass loves a high-nitrogen, slow-release fertilizer to feed its sudden flush of growth during this time of year (Village Green uses 25-0-0.)  You need to apply a good pre-emergent for spring and summer weeds and if you see broad leaf weeds, treat them as much as you like because Bermuda is tough and can handle any treatment you give it.

St. Augustine is the exact opposite.  Brown patch, a fungus that attacks St. Augustine in moderate spring weather, loves nitrogen.  In fact you might not even realize you have brown patch, but if you apply high nitrogen fertilizer, it will explode across your lawn, living up to its name, resulting in big ugly brown patches across your lawn that you’ll live with until summer. 

Service-LawnThat is why we apply a low-nitrogen, high potassium fertilizer to our St. Augustine lawns (Village Green uses 5-10-31.)  This produces great root growth, helping St. Augustine recover from any winter damage, without encouraging brown patch.

You also need to keep in mind that St. Augustine is much more sensitive to weed control products than Bermuda.  In fact, each time you treat St. Augustine for weeds, you damage it.  This is why it is an extremely bad idea to apply weed-n-feed (fertilizer combined with a broad-leaf weed killer) to St. Augustine.  Sure, you’ll have fewer weeds, but you’ll also have less St. Augustine.  At Village Green we skip the pre-emergent we use on Bermuda this time of year, and lightly spot treat any broad leaf weeds we see in our St. Augustine lawns.

Here’s the big question though.  What do you do if your lawn has both St. Augustine and Bermuda? 

What Village Green does is treat part of your lawn with one type of fertilizer and treat the other part with the other fertilizer. 

It is lot more work than the one-size-fits-all approach, but in the end, our customers have a better lawn, and appreciate our attention to detail, which is why they hire us in the first place.

Have more questions about fertilization and weed control?  Give us a call at 972-495-6990, email, or visit our webpage on total lawn care.

25 Apr 2013

QuickTip: Why isn’t my lawn growing faster this spring?


Considering Village Green has been around sine 1980, I hope you believe me when I say this spring has been one of the most unusual that I can recall!  In fact this crazy weather has not only caused the Texas Rangers to set a record for lowest day temperature ever for a game at the Ballpark, they have also played four games at home this season where the temperature was 50 degrees or less. 

The Rangers aren’t the only ones affected by this crazy cool spring.  Your lawn is too.  Weeds love the cool weather as much as your turf does not.  Both St. Augustine and Bermuda are warm season grasses.  They need soil temperatures to be above 80 degrees to come out of dormancy.  In fact, your lawn thinks it is March instead of April because of the cool spring and is only now starting to grow. 

That isn’t true of your weeds though, is it?  They are thriving because they love cool weather.  This makes it especially hard to get rid of them this spring, which is typically a time when they are starting to be stressed by warmer weather and go away.

So what is our tip?  Don’t panic and carry on.  Even though you may feel like nothing is working, that you are wasting your time with the watering, fertilization and weed control…you are not!  You must be patient.

It may be in the low 40s now, but remember this is North Texas, it could be in the 90s by next week!  And as soon as it warms up your lawn is going to kick into gear from all your efforts, turning green and lush, and all those cool weather weeds will be dead.

16 Apr 2013

Tuesday Tip

LawnVillage Green’s Tuesday Tip: We’re often asked, can a lawn be so far gone that you need to start over?  The short answer is usually not.  The lawn in this photo suffered what appears to be freeze and chinch bug damage.  Back in February, when we got the call from the customer, this lawn was covered in broad-leaf weeds.  It was so bad you had to look hard to find any good grass.  Now in April, you can see the lawn has some bald spots, but it has very few weeds.  As our days get warmer, these bald places will quickly fill in from the edges.  If you look closely at the photo you’ll see runners are already starting.  What’s our secret?  Our good fertilizer program and instructing our customer on the proper watering schedule for their lawn.  

11 Apr 2013

Village Green Talks Video Blog: Weeds!



Ken has what we’d call a love hate relationship with weeds. As you’ll see In today’s first ever Green Talks Video Blog (our first, of what we hope are many), Ken knows a LOT about weeds and their control. Here he walks through a customer’s lawn detailing how their weed control program is working. One more thing to note. We apologize for the wind noise in some of this clip. It is very hard to escape the blustery April winds when we are out and about in the field.

09 Apr 2013

Village Green Landscape e-Tour


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Ken Hyatt, the founder and owner of Village Green gives a quick e-Tour of a Plano, Texas landscape project.  Ken likes to keep Village Green on the cutting edge, and armed with his smart phone, this e-Tour is an example of one of the many ways he educates and informs our clients in a fun and easy way.