Landscaping & Lawn Care in Plano
12 Apr 2011

Possible chemical damage in St. Augustine

This Allen St. Augusine lawn may have been damaged by using too many chemicals.  It is always a tough balance with St. Augustine to apply enough weed control to prevent or kill weeds but not so much that lawn becomes damaged.  Since it is a tropical plant it is already stressed from too much heat and cold and when chemicals are blanket applied such as weed and feed products it can put the lawn over the edge.  Notice there is almost a straight line between the healthy lawn and the stressed one?  There is plenty of sun here and with correct watering this Allen lawn will come back but it will take longer than other lawns might.


12 Apr 2011

St. Augustine freeze damage April update

This is a photo of a Plano lawn that suffered quite a bit of freeze damage this year. It’s actually filling in nicely. It still has some large patches missing but because of our lawn fertilization program the St. Augustine surrounding it is healthy and in a few weeks will start filling back in. If the St. Augustine gets more than 6 hours of sunlight it usually fills in pretty well by late spring.


11 Apr 2011

What pre-emergent should I use now?

In the fall and early winter we use Simazine and you can see the results from those pre-emergent applications in this Garland lawn.  We were able to create a line between our nice, weed free lawn and the field of pure weeds next door.  In March or April you can apply Pendemethlyn to prevent spring and summer annual weeds such as crab grass.

11 Apr 2011

Did my tree or shrub survive the winter?

This winter we spent over 100 hours below freezing which hasn’t happened in Dallas for a couple of decades.  An easy method of checking to see if your plants survived is to take a knife and lightly scrape the bark of the small limbs toward the tips.  If it’s brown like the one in the smaller photo it probably didn’t survive.  It’s April now so you should see some buds.  Notice the buds on this tree are brown.  They flaked off when I touched them – another sign of a tree that’s dying.  If you look at the larger photo you’ll see where I scraped the bark off of the limb of a holly and just under the surface it’s bright green.  That’s a healthy plant.  We’ll have to replace the dead oak tree though.




11 Apr 2011

Garland landscape installation 6 months later

20110411-114542.jpg. We installed this Garland landscape in September of last year. The plants are filling in nicely and by this time next year will look great. Notice the use of savanah holly trees behind the gazebo to screen the fence and give a feeling of more privacy.

11 Apr 2011

Trees and sprinklers are a bad idea

Take a look at the roots at this Plano sprinkler repair.  After 20 years or so the roots have lifted the pipe and valve several inches – definitely not what you want to see in your sprinkler system.  There isn’t much room in this circular drive area so we will have to re-route the main line and the valve to the parkway and tap back into the main at both ends of the drive.  This is definitely a job for the professionals.




11 Apr 2011

2″ of rain and drainage worked

20110411-082122.jpgWe had two inches of very hard rain last night and our Fairview drainage solution worked like a charm.  I spoke with the neighbor and he said that when they had rains all of the water and dirt from this area would cascade over the wall and into his pool by the wheel barrow full.  He checked it at two this morning (which shows how big a problem it was for him) and he had no dirt.  What’s the secret?  The water was following the RR tie retaining wall making a river to the pool.  Instead of installing drainage pipes, we installed 4″ river rock.  The water still follows the same path but the rock puts the brakes on its speed and lets it filter to other areas.

08 Apr 2011

Richardson weed control

Look at how quickly spot treating for broadleaf weed works. These two Richardson lawns looked identical three weeks ago and now you can barely find a broadleaf weed in ours. Lawn tip: Never use weed and feed products. Over time they damage your shrubs and trees. Spot treating for weeds is mire effective and healthier for your landscape.


08 Apr 2011

Plano Landscape 3 years later

20110408-120259.jpgThree years later to the day, look at how nice this landscape is. By using dwarf and semi-dwarf plants the trimming can still be done once a year with a pair of hand pruners. Also notice how we have tons of perrenial color which means it only takes a few flats of annuals to really dress it up.