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24 May 2021

How to Prevent Brown Patch in your St. Augustine Lawn

Late spring is the time of the year in North Texas when our temperatures are getting warmer, and we get a lot of rain. These conditions can cause Brown Patch in St. Augustine lawns.

How do we go about fighting this nasty little fungus that thrives on warm, damp conditions?

Prevention is the best bet in spring (in fall, we can treat it with a fungicide.) The good news is that Brown Patch generally only makes your lawn look bad. It won’t kill it. Many people leave Brown Patch untreated, taking steps to prevent it after it goes away.


If you want to prevent Brown Patch in your St. Augustine lawn, we recommend the following tips.

• Sprinkle in the morning (to avoid water standing overnight.)
• Avoid allowing water to puddle in the lawn.
• Use a low nitrogen fertilizer in early spring (brown patch fungus feeds on nitrogen.)
• Use a preventative such as PCNB before brown Patch occurs.
• If you see brown patches in your lawn, spot treat the areas to prevent them from getting larger.
• And the best tip? Hire Village Green to handle your fertilization and weed control.

Our Signature Fertilization & Weed Control + Insect Protection Plan allows Village Green to be in your yard every month to month and a half. And we’re not just spreading fertilizer on these visits. We are inspecting your lawn and looking for potential problems that we will fix or notify you of to decide how to handle them best.

That’s what Village Green does. And why we’ve been in business since 1980. We give you the lawn of your dreams without worry or work so you can concentrate on more important things.

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18 Mar 2021

What Is Wrong With My St. Augustine Lawn?

Over the past couple of days, the number of calls and emails we are getting about St. Augustine has dramatically increased.

Many homeowners are wondering if the epic North Texas February freeze killed their St. Augustine grass (or at least big chunks of their lawn.)

If you are wondering what is going on in your yard, you will want to watch this update on what we see in the Dallas area in our St. Augustine lawns.


If you are looking for more lawn and landscape related information regarding our February winter storms be sure and check out our [640],shadow=true,start=,stop= on our YouTube channel or watch our videos below.

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