January 5th, 2013 – Taking down Christmas Lights at Dallas Baptist University

Today we’re taking down lights at Dallas Baptist University.  We’re removing several thousand Christmas lights of various sizes and shapes, bagging them, marking them and putting them in trash cans.











My wife Debbie has been a trooper helping out this week but after several days of taking down lights I suspect she’s wondering if she should have waited another year before retiring from teaching.


Christmas Lights at our Home Church – Richardson’s Arapaho UMC

The Hyatt family spent several weekends at our home church of Arapaho United Methodist in Richardson installing mini-lights on trees, stake lighting around beds and red Xmas light crosses with rope lighting framing them.   Ken’s daughter, Shelby, got a nice silhouette of her Uncle Daryl.   The second photo is of the two of them working on the rope lighting (yes, Shelby is texting but she worked more than she texted.)  I’d say the finished product was worth the weekends.

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