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Landscape Design and Installation

Village Green has over 40 years experience in landscape design in Dallas and the surrounding area (View the Village Green Landscape Portfolio.)  From outdoor kitchens and flagstone patios, to water features and plantings, Village Green can help you obtain the landscaping you can live in and escape to.  Of all the Dallas landscaping companies, only one has the equipment and talented professionals you need for a one-of-a-kind landscape design and installation. We can design everything from patios and walkways to outdoor kitchens and water features. Let us bring our landscaping services to your doorstep whether you live in Dallas, Plano or one of the other communities in North Dallas.  Click Here to Get a Free Quote.

Meet our Landscape Architect

Every detail of your landscape design should be considered before installation. That’s why we employ a certified landscape architect to make sure that absolutely nothing is overlooked and that your landscaping looks perfect after installation. Our certified landscape architect, David Daigle, takes your ideas and dreams and brings them to life in designs that are easy to understand.  From modern retaining walls to brick fire pits, our experts can create an inspiring landscape design to fit your lifestyle and taste.

Selection of Trees and Plants

Every landscape design needs color and dimension. We accomplish that with a combination of plants, shrubs, trees and seasonal flowers that will work with your particular soil, landscape, and exposures. By adding naturalized or native dwarf and semi-dwarf plants in the landscaping, you will enjoy the low maintenance color of vibrant plants year round. Dallas and the surrounding area is beautiful, but extreme temperatures can make planting flowers and ornamentals difficult if you don’t know what to plant where and when. With Village Green as your landscaping company, there is no more guesswork.  Click Here to Get a Free Quote.

Patios and Walkways that Enhance Landscaping

Dallas patios are a lovely place to have family gatherings for birthdays, graduations or family reunions. They are also a great getaway when you just need a place to get outside, relax and enjoy a fresh breath of air. A quality patio design and installation by our landscape design specialist is guaranteed to be durable for years and should require little maintenance. We understand that landscaping projects have specific requirements, so we pay close attention to detail. We also utilize the best products to ensure the highest quality. Quit thinking “someday” and make your patio dream happen today!  Click Here to Get a Free Quote.

Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and Outdoor Kitchens

Why not add an outdoor kitchen, a picturesque pond, or an outdoor fireplace. You deserve landscaping that brings you pleasure and Village Green professionals have the right touch to deliver an exceptional landscape design with all the extras! Having an outdoor fireplace sounds romantic, but if it is constructed poorly or doesn’t quite fit the rest of your landscaping, it might be a mood-breaker. Hardscapes and stonework can be a difficult medium to work with, but our installers pay attention to detail ensuring every stone, brick, and paver will be perfectly placed. When our experienced landscaping experts design and install your outdoor kitchen or fireplace, you know the work is guaranteed and your satisfaction is what is most important. Call the landscape architects at Village Green today! Let the best in landscape design and build your outdoor fire pit or retaining wall and create a hardscape that will take your breath away.  Click Here to Get a Free Quote.

Landscaping Installation

Once you have decided which landscape design features will add flair to your existing landscape, we will install your design with precision and the utmost respect to your home and property. Our landscapers work quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your new landscaping as soon as possible. For more than 40 years we have been creating a reputation as a landscaping company that will go above and beyond for our customers. If something is amiss, we will correct it as soon as possible and until you are happy. At Village Green, our landscape designs are valuable, but our customer’s satisfaction is priceless. Click Here to Get a Free Quote.

If you have any questions about Village Green or your lawn and landscape, please give us a call at 972-495-6990 or email our Founder and President at  We’re always happy to chat about ways to improve your lawn and landscape.  Download the Village Green Landscape Portfolio.

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Landscape Spotlight

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