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08 Jan 2023

The Best Plant for Winter Landscape Color

If you are looking for color in your landscape during our North Texas winters, you need to watch this quick video, part of our Best Plants for North Texas series.

We’ve talked about nandia before, but we wanted to show you how beautiful it looks during our winter months. It’s a hardy plant and doesn’t require much maintenance. The only thing you need to be careful about is overwatering it.


Check out our series on our YouTube Channel if you are interested in what we feel are the best plants for North Texas landscapes. And if you are considering an update to your landscape this year or starting a new project, give us a call for a complimentary landscape consultation.

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23 Jun 2022

Purple Winter Creeper – One of Best Plants to use in North Texas

We get many questions from customers on what our favorite plants to use in North Texas are. So we have recorded a “Best Plants for North Texas Series.”

Today we wanted to show you one of our favorite ground covers. Purple Winter Creeper is a plant we use in our landscapes because it does fine in the shade and sun. It also fills in nicely and tends to be healthier than the popular Asian Jasmine ground cover. Another benefit is that rabbits tend to leave this Purple Winter Creeper alone (they love to eat Asian Jasmine!) Finally, as the name implies, this plant turns a beautiful purple, which adds a nice extra pop of color during winter.


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21 Jul 2021

Best Plants Series – Oakleaf Hydrangea

Today we wanted to show you Oakleaf Hydrangea. We love this plant and its beautiful white blooms. As the blooms start to fade, they turn a nice brown color that stands out, and in the fall, it has lovely red foliage. It is a drought-tolerant hydrangea, although you have to water it a bit more the first year but after that, not much.

We like to use it up against a home or a corner in our landscape projects. This plant is deciduous, so it is good to have something evergreen around it as it will lose its leaves. If you are looking for a beautiful shade-loving plant for your landscape, it is hard to beat the Oakleaf Hydrangea.

If you are interested in learning more about our favorite plants be sure and visit our Best Plants Series on our YouTube channel (while you are there be sure and subscribe to our channel.) You can also watch two of our recent videos below.


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