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06 Sep 2022

Landscape Tour Revisit – Steve & Cathy in Richardson

Today we wanted to revisit Steve and Cathy’s landscape project in Richardson. At Village Green, we know a landscape is an investment in the future of your home, so we make it a point to revisit our projects to ensure the landscape is progressing as planned and that our customers are happy with the results. Taking the extra step is essential to us because our underlying mission at Village Green is to grow plants, people, and relationships.


An added benefit of revisiting a project is capturing video and photos of how a landscape looks once it gets properly established. This helps us illustrate to current landscape customers how their landscape will look after a year.

Below is our original Landscape Tour for this project after our installation which really illustrates how different your landscape will look after a year.


If you are thinking about a landscape project and would be interested in working with Village Green, we would love the chance to earn your business with a complimentary landscape consultation.

Our Landscape Services Include:
Landscape Planning & Design
Plant & Tree Recommendation & Selection
Patios & Walkways
Outdoor Landscape Lighting
Fireplaces, Fire Pits, and Outdoor Kitchens
Landscaping Installation
Worry-Free Guarantee – Including a Plant Warranty.

Our landscapes start at $5,000 and go up to $100,000 + on large-scale projects. Call 972-495-6990 or email to schedule a complimentary landscape consultation.

27 Mar 2021

Landscape Tour: A Richardson Reservation Home Re-Imagines Front Lawn

Steve and Cathy are a couple I’ve known for many years (our now-adult daughters were in Arapaho United Methodist Church Youth Group together.) When it came time to re-imagine their front landscape at their home in Richardson’s Reservation Neighborhood, they gave me a call to see what Village Green could do.

Steve and Cathy had a list of things they wanted to address in the re-landscape. First and foremost was the lack of grass in their front yard. As is the case with many Richardson homes, mature trees didn’t allow enough sunlight for the grass to thrive as it once did. Our solution was a combination of groundcover coupled with a nice sitting area they could enjoy. Another major issue was an area in their lawn that would form a pool after heavy rain from the water coming off of their roof.

Our first step was having our stonemason, Andres, lay a beautiful circular flagstone patio with a pathway made from large stones. After this was complete, we worked with a gutter company to install an extra downspout connected to pipes that drained out to the curb, which stopped the water from the roof from flooding their front lawn.

Other features of the project were Edward Gaucher abelias added on the corners to frame the home with red, flirt nandinas in front of their windows to add some color and feathery texture for our landscape plantings.

We used Colorado euonymus as a ground cover, and in front of their long porch, we used cast iron plant.

This project’s final piece was their sprinkler system, which they thought would need to be replaced. After inspecting the system and chatting with Steve, I convinced him that their existing system would be fine. With a little TLC and a day’s work by Village Green, we were able to fix a wiring issue and replaced most of the sprinkler heads to get their irrigation system working efficiently.

I’m happy to report that Steve and Cathy love the look of their new front landscape. Steve had nothing but nice things to say about Hannah and our entire landscape team, complimenting their work and flexibility to make changes as needed.

The best compliment, though, is Steve and Cathy’s plan to have Village Green help them re-work their backyard in the future. Thank you, Steve and Cathy, for letting us share your story about all that Village Green could do to transform your front landscape.

If you have a project in mind Village Green would love to earn your business. Founded in 1980, we are a family-owned and operated lawn and landscape company specializing in worry-free landscapes that start at $2,500. To learn more give us a call at 972-495-6990.

01 Apr 2020

The Secret to a Great Landscape

Examples of what you don’t want to do. These landscapes don’t frame the house or have anything interesting near the entrance. There are also far too many rectangles and mushrooms in this landscape design.

Today I am going to share a secret about how to create a great landscape design. Whether you do it yourself or use Village Green, the key to a great landscape is to follow the great painter’s lead and create a frame around your home.

How do you do that? You start with the foundation planting at the bottom of your frame. You want the foundation plants to be dwarf type plants and ground cover. The reason this is important, so the plants do not obstruct the view of your home and hurt your drive-up appeal. You mustn’t cover up any interesting architectural details like columns, windows, and doors (see examples.)

Examples of what you don’t want to do. These landscapes don’t frame the house or have anything interesting near the entrance. There are also far too many rectangles and mushrooms in this landscape design.

You want your foundation planting designed to guide your eye to the entry of your home. Use a variety of shapes, forms, and textures to achieve this, and the style of the landscape will dictate your arrangement. Nearly always simple is best, and less is more. Keep the variety of plants to a minimum and mass them, so your eye is drawn toward the entry. The area around the door should have a vertical accent (3′-5’ tall) with seasonal color and more variety to draw your eye to this area.

The corner of your home should consist of larger shrubs and ornamental trees, usually 6′ or so, that make up the sides of the frame. This planting serves as a backdrop for the layering of plants that will help guide your eye to the entry. Tall plants at the corners and progressively smaller plants draw the eye to your entry.

The top of the frame generally consists of shade trees in your front yard; however, a grouping of ornamental trees along the foundation or shade trees in the back that is visible from the front can achieve the same effect.

If you have any questions about your landscape or want more information give us a call at 972-495-6990 or email