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26 May 2013

Fight the Bite: Five Tips for Mosquito Season

Fight the BiteWe need the rain, not the mosquitoes.  Welcome to spring in North Texas.  Mosquitoes are unfortunately a fact of life.  Even worse, The Center for Disease Control says that the West Nile Virus, which the mosquitoes can carry, is now endemic to our area.

Fighting mosquitoes is really a community effort.  We all must do our part and today’s tip offers up 5 steps to help you fight the bite. 

  1. Get rid of any standing water on your property. Check your gutters, drains and firepots.  Anywhere water stands is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Drain it!
  2. Use insect repellent when you are going to be outside (especially true from dusk until dawn when mosquitoes are most active.)  Repellents that include DEET, picaridin or oil of lemon eucalyptus are the most effective.
  3. Wear light, long sleeve shirts and pants when you are going to be outside for an extended amount of time (especially from dusk until dawn.)  Mosquitoes are drawn to heat and carbon dioxide (which is why it is important to wear lighter clothing so your heat signature isn’t too great.) 
  4. Use air conditioning or make sure there are screens on all doors and windows (and they are in good repair) to keep mosquitoes from entering the home.
  5. If there are any green-water pools nearby, report them to the local health department.


    It is important for everyone to do their part in our fight against the bite. However, mosquitoes can fly three or four miles, so sometimes simply dumping water pots and waiting for the city to spray isn’t enough. 

If you need extra help fighting the bite give Village Green a call.  Our Mosquito Assassin Program is safe, yet effective.  It kills up to 90% of your mosquitoes and keeps killing them for a month after we leave (which is great if your neighbor isn’t doing their part.)  It only takes a five-visit program to keep them gone all season long. 

Mosquito Resources
Below is a list of helpful websites.

West Nile Virus


01 Oct 2012

Pyrethrin – What is it and how does it kill mosquitoes?

 How do pyrethrins kill mosquitoes?

Pyrethrins are natural insecticides produced from dried chrysanthemum blooms.   Pyrethrins will penetrate the nervous system of insects of insects, such as fleas, ticks, ants and mosquitoes.  Small doses of pyrethrins are very effective against many insects and, because human nervous systems are different, are safe when used around people.

You may not realize it but you probably already have been using pyrethrin products.  It is safe enough that it is used in pet shampoos to kill fleas and ticks and, since it controls a broad range of insects, you’ll see it as the active ingredient for many of the products you might currently be using to control fire ants and crickets.

Applying a light spray in shady areas where mosquitoes land, such as in bushes, mulch or under decks can greatly reduce their population.  The residual will typically last a month or so, killing insects that pass through it or land on it.

While finding pyrethrin products in the hardware store is easy, if finding the time to apply it is tough, give our Mosquito Assassin program a try…

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09 Sep 2012

Mosquitoes Can be a Pain in Your Backyard

Do Mosquitoes Get More Quality Time in Your Backyard Than You and Your Family?  After months of sizzling, Texas heat, Fall is finally here.  You deserve being able to enjoy the outdoors again, right?  Cooking on the grill, playing with the kiddoes or dogs in the backyard, sitting on the porch enjoying a quiet cup of coffee?  The problem is mosquitoes are just waiting for you and your family to come out and play with them.

Our Mosquito Assassin Program can take back your home…

  • Safe around people and pets but very bad for mosquitoes
  • Kills up to 90% of your mosquitoes
  • Keeps killing them for a month after we leave
  • 8 visit mosquito spray program keeps them gone all season long

Our Mosquito Assassin Program kills up to 90% of your mosquito population, even better; it keeps killing them 30 days after we leave.  We treat your lawn and landscape, paying special attention to the shady areas mosquitoes love: inside shrubbery and under decks.  Not only do we get rid of the mosquitoes that are hiding in your landscape while we’re there, we’re leaving an invisible film that will last for about month.  It’s safe for people and pets but very bad for any mosquito that lands in your lawn and plants – even 30 days after we’ve treated.

We can’t control the mosquito that flies straight from your neighbor’s flower pot to your arm.  Fortunately mosquitoes are terrible fliers.  The slightest breeze makes them land and if the they land in your lawn, plants or deck, they’re goners.

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