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08 Sep 2021

A Shady Lawn Landscape Update for Liz and Tim

Liz and Tim are longtime Village Green customers (20 years!), and over that time, their trees have matured, creating a shady lawn that made it hard to grow healthy grass. Liz and Tom fought the change at first and tried sodding many times, but ultimately they realized it was impractical and contacted Village Green to find a shady lawn solution. Working with our landscape architect, David Daigle, we created a tremendous shade-loving landscape design to extend their front yard landscape to cover the grass-challenged areas. Previously we had installed a beautiful stone border that we didn’t want to lose, so we left it in place and installed Arizona river rock in front of it (6 tons!).


To frame the home, we used Pringle Yews, which gets about 4′ tall, and used Creme Demint Pittosporums, a small creme-colored shrub to add some contrast under their windows. Liz and Tim love their new landscape, so much so that.

Liz and Tim love their updated landscape. Liz told us she likes to stand in front of her home and take it all in! Liz also said that our Landscape Team of Hannah, Luis, and Juan were great. They accommodated anything Liz needed to be done, including placing her Moss Boulders exactly where she wanted them. Liz went on to say that Hannah did a great job of communicating during the project, letting them know who was going to be doing the tasks and when the work would happen.

In the end, the best compliment came in the form of their 5-star review on Google.

“Owner Ken Hyatt and the entire team at Village Green are fantastic! Village Green has maintained our lawn and landscaping for over 20 years, much to our satisfaction. In addition, we have had several major landscaping projects completed by Ken and his team over the years, all of which have been executed beautifully. The team just completed a major front yard re-do which has exceeded our expectations! We are incredibly pleased with Village Green and highly recommend them.”

If you are looking for a company to help with your lawn or landscape, please give Village Green a chance to earn your business. Founded in 1980, we are a family-owned and operated lawn and landscape company based in Plano, Texas. Call 972-495-6990 or for more information.

24 Jul 2014

How To Get Rid of Bare Patches in a Shady Lawn

Landscaping in PlanoJust the other day I got this email from a customer:  “I am unable to grow grass on the heavily-shaded west side of my house. I have tried seeding and St. Augustine sod. Nothing has worked and now I have mostly dirt. Any suggestions?”

I wish I had a quarter for every time I’ve been asked this question. In fact, It is one of the most frequently asked questions I get regarding lawn care.

Over the years, I have heard countless people tell me they have spent thousands of dollars replacing the grass in the shady areas of their lawns. Then time after time, they end up watching it disappear a year later.

If the conditions are right to grow grass, it will fill into an area by itself. But if not, installing sod or seeding is only going to cause you to waste money and become frustrated.*

I believe in education first and foremost, so let me share the rules of thumb for turf sun requirements.

  • Bermuda needs about 8 hours of sunlight to survive.
  • St. Augustine needs about 6 to establish, once established you can plant a tree and as the tree casts more shade the St. Augustine will gradually acclimate to less light (which explains why your neighbor may have thick St. Augustine under his trees and you don’t).
  • Zoysia is starting to become popular and has similar light requirements as St. Augustine.
  • Fescue doesn’t mind the shade, but it’s a cheap short-term solution because you have to replant it each year.

Right about now you are probably thinking, what if I prune my tree limbs. If I cut them back, I’ll get more sun and it will fix my problem.

It’s a logical thought, but please do not prune you trees in order to grow grass in your bare spots. It is a bad idea. Thinning trees is like removing an arm or two of an umbrella. At the end of the day you are still going to have an umbrella, albeit, an ugly one! Studies have shown there is virtually no difference in the light hitting the ground under a thinned tree versus one that has been thinned. Pruning a tree can be great for a tree, but don’t do it with the hope it will help the grass underneath it.

So what’s the solution? Surely something can be done to make those dirt patch area look better.

The best solution is acceptance. If you have a shady area you need to accept it, and adapt to it by installing plants that like the shade. There are plenty of ground covers and shrubs that do well in little to no light. Most of the landscapes we install are in very heavy shade. If you can accept the shade, and find plants that thrive in the shade, you can easily change an eyesore to a pleasant spot where you can escape the brutal Texas summer heat.

If you need help finding solutions for your lawn, give us a call at 972-495-6990, email me at or fill out our contact form. I’d be happy to answer any questions. For those that don’t’ want to invest the time and energy into transforming their yards, Village Green offers affordable landscaping design and installation which can transform your lawn in no time! Many of our [640],shadow=true,start=,stop= filled with dirt patches into an oasis for our customers. You can see some of our work in our landscape portfolio here.

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