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Mosquito Control (The Village Green Mosquito Assassin Program!)

Cooking on the grill, playing with the kids or dogs in the backyard, sitting on the porch enjoying a quiet cup of coffee? The problem is mosquitoes are just waiting for you and your family, and they’re not just painful, they can be dangerous.  The Village Green Mosquito Assassin Program can help you fight the bite!  You can learn more about our program below, but if you have any questions, please give us a call at 972-495-6990 or email our Founder and President at  We’re always happy to chat about our mosquito assassin program.  Get a Free Quote.

Our Mosquito Assassin Program can take back your home…
•  Safe around people, pets, plants, bees, and butterflies
•  We have our own on-staff Entomologist
•  Kills up to 90% of your mosquitoes
•  Keeps killing them for a month after we leave
•  6 visit program keeps them gone all season long

Download More Info on our Mosquito Assassin Program (including answers to Frequently Asked Questions)

Our Mosquito Assassin Program kills up to 90% of your mosquito population, even better; it keeps killing them 30 days after we leave.  We treat your lawn and landscape, paying special attention to the shady areas mosquitoes love: inside shrubbery, in your mulch, and under decks.  Not only do we get rid of the mosquitoes that are hiding in your landscape while we’re there, but we’re also leaving an invisible film that will last for about month.  It’s safe for people and pets but very bad for any mosquito that lands in your lawn and plants.

We can’t control the mosquito that flies straight from your neighbor’s flower pot to your arm, but fortunately, mosquitoes are terrible fliers. The slightest breeze makes them land, and if they land in your lawn, plants or deck, they’re goners.  Get a Free Quote.

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Meet Dr. Ray Thompson our on staff Entomologist

Killing mosquitoes is a serious endeavor.  You need a safe yet effective program that will eliminate mosquitoes without putting your family (including your pets) in danger.  That’s why we employ a certified entomologist to make sure that absolutely nothing is overlooked when it comes to our Mosquito Assassin Program.  Dr. Thompson has been in the pest management industry for over 35 years and frankly has such lengthy credentials it is easier to point you to his website than list them here.  You can rest assure that Village Green’s Mosquito Assassin Program is not only safe, but it also is effective and has the full endorsement of Dr. Thompson.

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